Jovenes De Puerto Rico en Reisgo: The Slacktivist Click

By Conner Wolff

Where: Earned Media

Who: Concernedinvolvedcitizens: people 18 or older, living in Puerto Rico, who are concerned about the future of Puerto Rico and young Puerto Ricans at risk of getting into drugs, violence or other social problems. They typically "like" or "follow" causes or non-profit organizations in social media and are very vocal on how to improve society.

Why: Deliver a message that was persuasive, connected emotionally, and motivated people to take a real live action

What: Leveraged three real viral stories of teenage violence that had shocked the country:

  1. Teenage victim died in neighbourhood basketball game shooting
  2. Girl victim of school bullying
  3. Drug purchase resulting in overdose

Re-enacted stories streamed through YouTube. A message was displayed: "In 10 seconds a fight will end the life of a teenager. Hit "like" to prevent it. Using inactive clickable over lays they took away peoples power to "like" or "help".

The closing tagline "Likes" don’t do anything. You do." and the call to action "Act now at drove people to the organization’s website and main recruiting platform.

(Earned Media, Slacktivism)

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