Kayla Itsines BBG Fitness Program

• Why? Kayla Itsine promotes her fitness program to help people become a healthier version of themselves using her BBG (Bikini Body Goal) program. The consumer wants to be the progress they see being shared on social media.

• Who? The audience is mostly women who want to become healthy and fit. I found out about this program by seeing my friends post their progress on social media, relaying facts about Kayla’s program and health tips.

• What? With progress being shared on social media, it will encourage people to want to do the same. People like to share their success stories with each other and credit how they did it. This form of media gives Kayla Itsine her ultimate earned media.

• Where? Earned Media, social media, sharing progress.

TAGS: (Fit, BBG program, Earned Media, healthy, progress)

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