Target’s “Acceptance”

By Morgan Swartz


Target released a commercial with multiple clips of college applicants’ reactions to being accepted to college. The clips were all user generated and completely real, not filmed or produced by Target themselves. The video had an entertainment value, as it was fun to see all the students and parents reactions to being accepted.


Target focuses a lot on raising money for education and they wanted to bring awareness to that as they had a goal of doubling its $500 million at the time of the commercial.


The desired audience isn’t necessarily Target shoppers. The goal here is to reach people who care about education, especially parents who want their kids to get a good education. They might also be reaching people who were unaware of Target’s goal to help out schools.


This commercial was aired during the 2012 Olympics so it reached a very wide audience. After that, the commercial was posted online and gained tons of views and shares. After this it only took 3 years for Target to double their donations and reach their $1 billion dollar goal.

(Owned, Education)

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