This Powerful Campaign Has Answers for Parents Googling ‘Down Syndrome’

By Kyle Danielson

This Powerful Campaign Has Answers for Parents Googling ‘Down Syndrome’

The genetic disorder, explained by those who have it


To help people know and understand what it is like to have Down Syndrome and the struggles that come with it.


People with Down Syndrome, Family/Friends of people with Down Syndrome, and anyone who is curious about it.


The Canadian Down Syndrome Society released a series of videos with victims of Down Syndrome answering some of the most popular questions that go along with having the disease. Definitely Social Value/Utility.


The videos are on Youtube, as well as the CDSS’s Twitter and Facebook pages (owned). These videos have been shared all over the web as well (earned).

The brand purpose is to inform people about what Down Syndrome is and to also let them know how people can help their cause and this campaign fits right in with that purpose.

(Owned Media, Earned Media, Canadian Down Syndrome Society, Twitter, Facebook, Youtube, Social Value, Utility)

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