Down Syndrome Answers

By: Mardi Olson

Why?: There are so many common misperceptions when it comes to Down Syndrome. When people especially parents or soon to be parents google questions about Down Syndrome they get answers from doctors that use clinical terms and can be hard to decipher what they are saying. Their can be a lot of negative thoughts when it comes to Down Syndrome and this campaign brings more of a heartwarming feeling to parents.

Who?: The audience aimed for this campaign is soon to be parents who may be having a child or already have a child with Down Syndrome.

What: The nonprofit Canadian Down Syndrome Society created a series of YouTube videos of those who have Down Syndrome answering most commonly asked questions about what their lives are like when it comes to reading, riding a bike, hold down a job, etc.. They wanted to make it so whenever someone googles questions about Down Syndrome these videos would pop up for everyone to see.

Where: This was done in Canada through earned media.

Brand Purpose: To bring a heartwarming and humanizing window into an underrepresented and misunderstood population in todays mass media.

(#DownSyndrome #Nonprofit #Earnedmedia

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