By: Mardi Olson

Why?: When you get on Facebook these days and scroll through your newsfeed you will always find posts like this “How many likes can this dog get?” which is a great and all but what does it really do or impact? Not much. UNICEF is saying that when people “like” posts about polio vaccinations there really is not much of an impact. They are calling people to action.

Who: Those who support polio vaccinations but the most action they take is a “like” on Facebook.

What?: The brand created this ad to show people they need to be taking more action. They directly called out their followers saying: “Hey, a ‘like’ does nothing. So donate!” #socialvalue

Where?: UNICEF created this ad on their Facebook and had their followers share it #earnedmedia

Brand Purpose: Calling people to action about donating to UNICEF for polio vaccines for children.

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