BlogPost-Alec Maas

By Alec Maas

Client 2: NPR

Why: "While 34 million people tune into NPR stations every week, research has shown that there are millions more who are likely to appreciate NPR programming," said Emma Carrasco, NPR Chief Marketing Officer. "These potential listeners want to hear stories about what is going on around the world and across the nation from journalists they can trust, and they want to understand a variety of perspectives. This campaign draws attention to the unique option that NPR provides."

Who: 62% of listeners are 25-44, highly educated- 86% of listeners hold a bachelor’s degree or higher, high earners- 58% earn $75,000 or more, business savvy- 30% hold executive or managerial positions

What: A pilot campaign was launched in San Diego, Indianapolis, Dallas, and Orlando. The campaign features attention-grabbing (and stereotype-breaking) messages about who listens to NPR. Each ad includes the station call letters and frequency and with the URL where listeners can stream and/or pick and share their own "RadioType." The purpose of these ads are to spotlight a diverse audience of NPR listeners as well as display the variety of programming available to raise awareness for their services and increase their number of listeners. (Service)

Where: A combination of billboards, rail, print and digital ads were used to display these messages. The diversity of NPR’s audience is an attribute that when shared by their audience becomes a form of owned media. The space NPR purchased on billboards, rail, orint, digital, and social media were examples of paid media. (Earned, Owned, Paid, social utility, service)

Brand Purpose: NPR strives to create a more informed public – one challenged and invigorated by a deeper understanding and appreciation of events, ideas and cultures.

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