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Nutella Creates Owned Media Gold

By: Alyssa Theilen

Nutella created a campaign targeted towards millennials to use social media to earn social badges (a form of recognition by the company itself) to become ‘Nutella’s Chief Ambassador.’ The end result of this campaign was to get buzz surrounding World Nutella Day and get people excited and involved with it for more than just one day. The brand did a fantastic job of engaging their target audience of millennials through social media through the competitive and fun spirit of the campaign. This campaign got these people involved because it was going to give certain people some sort of recognition at the end of this, which is exactly what millennials like. The unique social value of an ordinary Nutella lover being able to get directly involved in the company in a big way attracted many to want to be the face of World Nutella Day.

Nutella is a fun and fairly new brand so it made perfect sense to get millennials involved and to use the mediums that they did. They were smart and realized that the best way to engage and make this successful for them was to go straight to social media and directly encourage and reward those who participate, ultimately picking a Chief Nutella Ambassador.

Challenging Nutella fans to get engaged and involved with a ‘holiday’ they nearly made up and holiday that is their own, as well as get them to compete for an honorary position they created, was owned media gold in my opinion. This type of owned media was so successful it gained them earned media for weeks and sales that skyrocketed.

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India’s giving sugar to those who don’t have it

By: Alyssa Theilen

SugarFree, an advocacy group for the overconsumption of sugar in daily life, in India, launched a campaign that encouraged people to give up daily sugars that are not needed, such as soda and coffee. The big idea of this campaign was to ‘give those calories’ from sugar to someone who truly needs them. An NGO helped SugarFree promote the campaign as well as on Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube. A few Indian celebrities also joined the movement, which got the campaign popular and created buzz in a short amount of time as well.

This owned media stunt was addressing two problems: the daily overconsumption of sugar and helping give meals to those all over the world that are dealing with starvation. It made sense for SugarFree to do something like this since they are all about consuming less calories for your health, so why not ‘give calories’ to others. This fits their mission and brand personality well. Success was measured by how many people participated as well as the ‘number of calories’ given. A certain number of calories given up equaled a certain number of meals. This campaign was extremely successful and by the end of this campaign, 5.5 million meals were given to the hungry, perfectly complimenting SugarFree’s goals.

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