27 January, 2017 02:03


Amazon Prime Air delivery drone

Amazon has made a new prime service that use a Drone to deliver packages in roughly 30 min. Like we mentioned in class owned media speaks more to a current consumer base, but with air it might bring in new people just interested to see how it all works. It aims to solve the problem amazon prime has been breaking ground in, quick and convenient online purchasing and shipping. Amazons goal from day one is optimize it shipping and satisfying customers as fast as possible, and this is a great way to move that forward and put the company out there in the media. This could be measured buy how many current prime members use the service and you could also see how many current user upgrade to a prime membership or none to users` period. The web-site has little promotions about the upcoming service and amazon uses its social media to promote Amazon Prime Air.


(Owned Media, Social Responsibility, Amazon)* I don’t know if I did this right.


Soundcloud created a social media kind of platform so users could share music with on another. Sound cloud is trying to reach music lovers and creators of all kind. This platform will allow people to share new with friends and communities and introduce many to new and upcoming artist and songs. This will build unity amounts it users and a personal experience that could draw new users to Soundcloud. This a way for SC to keep user on there website/app and possible pay to get more exclusive song and be exposed to ads. See how many account will be activated which can be done by using other existing social medias such as Twitter, Facebook, and Tumblr which could also strengthen the community aspect of this do to “symbiosis” and cross compatibility of the brands. With all the other music streaming services out there this will build a way for gain user loyalty and hopefully gain some user with the unique experience Soundcloud provides


(Owned Media, Social Responsibilty, Soundcloud)

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