Alexa Farewell, Owned Media Blog Post

Example #1-Scooters

The coffee shop Scooters has recently created a new loyalty app that would fall under the owned media umbrella. Customers receive a “smiley face” for every time they buy a drink, and will receive a free medium drink with every five drinks purchased. The app includes community by listing all the stores close, by using location, and opportunities to contact them. The context part of owned media fits perfectly with the loyalty program.

Tags: loyalty program, scooters, app

Example #2-HyVee

Another good example of owned media and a loyalty program is HyVee’s Fuel Saver Points. This requires customers to have a fuel saver card, and when they purchase certain food items, they receive so many cents off a gallon of gas at participating gas stations. There’s also an app that customers can download in conjunction with their fuel saver card. This app gives a sense of community, and uses data and context to be loyal in turn to their loyal customers.

Tags: loyalty program, savings, HyVee, app

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