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Sargento Microsites target Super Bowl audiences through Pinterest

By: Emily Applegate

From the article: Pinterest Makes First Push in Targeting Super Bowl Viewers With Personalized Microsite: With Sargento ads by Lauren Johnson

With Super Bowl around the corner, viewers will be looking to Facebook and Twitter to supplement the events on the television. But now there is a new player, Pinterest. Partnering with Sargento, Pinterest is creating custom microsites to help current ‘Pinners’ throw the ultimate Super Bowl party.

But why would Sargento help make this possible? Well, Pinterest is a popular site for cooking connoisseurs and food is an essential part for any Super Bowl party and Sargento tomato sauce is an essential ingredient to many party favorites. Sargento is using data from Pinterest; they look at things you have liked and ‘repinned’ and creates a microsite with recipes and other party planning tips so that you can throw your own greatest Super Bowl party ever. The major insight that led to the creation of these personalized microsites comes from their findings that people tend to start going to Pinterest a week before throwing any knd of sporting event party. This year especially, they found that people were on Pinterest looking for football-related recipes three times as much as previous years and this microsite really adds to the consumer experience.

The success of this owned media campaign will be measured by how many visits they receive to the microsites. These links will be provided via promoted pin on various pages that are often searched for during the time of planning a Super Bowl party.

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