How does one increase Millennial Bone Marrow Donors? Snapchat.

By: Emily Applegate

From the article, This Nonprofit is Searching for Millennial Bone Marrow Donors on Snapchat: Be The Match targets young men with social blitz by Lauren Johnson

Be The Match is a nonprofit bone marrow registry to help blood cancer patients. They were looking to recruit new, young, healthy donors through popular medias. They targeted 18-24 year old men who are all able to join the registry at no cost. “Be the Guy” is a vertical video campaign that will play between Live Stories. In the Discover section, Be The Match will have ads that you can swipe up and have links to their website and instructions on how to register to be a donor.

The videos themselves are what adds to the audience’s Snapchat experience. They are entertaining and good-humored while reminding the audience that they could be heroes in one simple step: signing up to be donor. This makes sense for the brand to do because they aren’t well known, and Snapchat is a great platform to make an impression on a younger audience who they would benefit more from.

Success might be measured through an increase of donors or how many consumers interacted with the brand on their website.

(Owned Media, Non Profit are my tags)

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