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Coca-Cola Teams Up With Walmart to #shareitforward

Coca-Cola partnered up with Walmart. Together they created a campaign to engage with teens and millennials to “Share a Coke” with their friends and family. Each bottle was personalized by having a persons name on each 20oz bottles. Coca-Cola started this campaign in 2014 but thought they could go even bigger by reaching out and re-energizing their brand by partnering up with Walmart, who was looking for a way to increase their sales growth and find a new way to reach teens and millennials.

Coca-Cola wanted to partner with Walmart because millennial and teen consumers represented such an important part to both of the companies future success. Coca-Cola also saw that they needed to change things up and create an idea to motivate their consumers to have an incentive to buy their Coca-Cola products at Walmart. If they wanted to do this, they needed to encourage shoppers to not only buy the bottles for themselves, but also for friends, family and co-workers. Coca-Cola saw that brand awareness was not the issue with teens and millennials but exchanging that awareness to purchase was at challenge here. Both Coca-Cola and Walmart saw through their insight and analytics that both teens and millennials represent their businesses in a big way. They wanted to use this #shareitforward campaign to give millennial shoppers an affordable way to make another persons day that was worth sharing. If they could do that Coca-Cola knew they could significantly grow brand love and value for both them and Walmart.

How this campaign was done, started out by making sure the 20oz bottles were readily and easily accessible in all Walmart stores. Walmart also had constant reminders throughout the store such as display ads, in-aisle reminders via floor graphics and share bins were shopable from 4 sides and placed near check out lanes as well as self-checkout because millennial shoppers tend to use that option. They followed up by creating awareness by having Ryan Seacrest do radio shout-outs, a Twitter Party and an unpaid Walmart Facebook post to drive traffic toward event being held on July 6th. On the day of event, hashtags were used, Coca-Cola gear was handed out and contests were held.

The way they measured their success was through bloggers and how they created engaging online campaigns. Bloggers introduced the “Share it Forward” message to encourage their readers to “Share it Forward” with Coca-Cola products they purchased at Walmart. They also measured this campaign through Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pintrest through the use of the hashtags all throughout the start and end of event.

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