20th Anniversary of Friends

By: Kourtney Kaisershot

Warner Brothers partnered with 8 o’clock coffee recreated the famous coffee shop “Central Perk” from the TV show Friends. They did this in SoHo New York City .

The goal was to reach past fans of the show and reinvigorate their passion in time for the 20th anniversary of the show.

The show had been off the air for about ten years so this reinvigorated social interest in the brand. Also, the pop up shop added a unique opportunity for the fans to live like their favorite Friends characters.

Because it was the 20th anniversary of the show airing, they wanted people talking about it again as well as purchasing more merchandise and DVDs. Central Perk was also a main focus of the show so it got fans excited to be able to participate in it.

They were able to see photos shared online with the hashtag #Friends20 and Amazon sold half a million dollars worth of box sets in the first day. They also counted how many cups of coffee they served and the line of people waiting to enter.

(owned, earned, Friends, Central Perk)

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