29 January, 2017 14:22

“Starbucks Explores Brand Journalism”

By Sam Boss

What: Starbucks tapped into their owned media by using their social media, mobile app and packing to tell ten different stories of some of their inspiring consumers.

Who: Starbucks is trying to tap into their consumers that are charitable, involved and doing inspiring things in their communities. Starbucks is trying to be an inspiring brand along with that and instead of tapping into a particular consumer base they are trying to change their image.

What: Starbucks is trying to put their Starbucks Foundation name out there and to show that the organization exists, having it be that people can get involved in the organization in their communities.

Why: Starbucks is a charitable organization. In 2016 they gave away $6.9 million to charities under their Starbucks Foundation brand, mainly to nonprofits. Starbucks cares so by showing consumers of their own that fall under the same values that Starbucks does, it’s a connection to the audience showing how Starbucks isn’t just coffee and what all they do related back to their mission and values with charity.

How success is measured: Starbucks can see how much their social media activity jumps and track the interactions on there with the ads that they have put out. They also can see what kind of consumers traffic into their social media platforms after whatever particular ad comes out, seeing as there are ten individual ads and three broad themes.

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St Jude and Philanthropies

By Sam Boss

What: Dominos raised a record $7.3 million for the children’s research hospital St Jude for the 2016 Giving Campaign. Domino’s added several different ways people could individually donate, including a “tweet-to-donate” campaign on twitter, as well as being prompted to donate when ordering pizza.

Who: Domino’s doesn’t seem to be targeting a specific audience than the one that they already have, but more so to just help St Jude and to grow their brand charity and image.

What: St Jude is a pure nonprofit organization that does lots for families than need medical help that cannot afford it as well as lots for cancer research. Domino’s is trying to help out St Jude and their research by helping wherever they can and to also add that charitable pin under their belt.

Why: St Jude has a giving season and Domino’s contributed to that. Domino’s asked for donations and got their followers and their followers followers on twitter to help out with the retweet to donate that most brands have been adopting recently. Domino’s followed the model and ended up raising millions of dollars for the nonprofit.

How success is measured: Domino’s measured their success monetarily. Domino’s could track their followers and engagement online and see how that was affected, but for the overall scheme of what their mission was how much money was raised and donated to the nonprofits.

Tags: (owned, earned, paid, Domino’s, St Jude, charity, philanthropy)

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