Carter Thomson

A Love Story as described by Chipotle describes love at first sight. A young boy then opens up a lemonade stand to take the girl of his dreams to a movie. This eventually turns into a life long battle between the two for competition for both of their drink stands. But when reality hits they both realize they have a combined love for two things, cultivating a better world and for each other. The brand is trying to reach people who enjoy better food. Not something that is said to be good for you. They are trying to reach the new generation to promote healthy lifestyles. This is trying to solve a problem of generic food that doesn’t promote a healthy lifestyle. It creates an incentive for the audience to eat their food. It makes sense for the brand to do this commercial because they promote non GMO and all natural products. The purpose and insight are to get people to stray away from their usual “conveyer belt” food products and to life by Chipotles slogan of “Cultivating a Better World.” The ways Chipotle could measure their success with the “A Love Story” is first they could look at the views the video had 9,407,345 views. That is a massive audience who watched and more than likely thought about the video in depth to get the story. I believe this Ad would fall under the ‘Recruitment’ model’ because it is trying to gain followers to the cause by giving a compelling story that increases participation through viewers and inspires them.

(Owned Media, Chipotle, A Love Story, Inspiration, Cultivation)

UNICEF in their commercial ‘No Child’ exposes the cruelty of life for some families. They also reached out to gain support for just fifty cents a day. The brand is trying to reach anyone who is willing to support and help this underprivileged families who do need help. They want to reach as whoever sees their ad and preferably as many as possible. The problem it is trying to solve is hunger, malnutrition, death of children and to save lives. This commercial is supposed to motivated the audience to help and to give the audience members who do help a sense of pride. It makes sense for UNICEF to reach out through mass commercials asking for small amount of pocket change because they are a non profit organization trying to save lives. They need large audiences and mass donations to their organization. Each donation for UNICEF shows success. UNICEF needs as much money as possible to be able to actually do something to help. Currently ranked number one for non profit organizations it shows that they are success with their fight. This style of commercial fits under ‘Top-down’ model for the large launch for their campaign and also ‘Recruitment’ model for gaining participation for donations.

(UNICEF, non profit, Social responsibility, saving lives)

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