Big Mac Plan of Attack and Project Archieuthis

Big Mac Plan of Attack
By: Madeline Erker

McDonald’s is known for its Big Mac sandwich but, the Big Mac is going through some name changes. Due to this change, McDonald’s is launching a multi platform campaign to promote the new and improved sandwich. Some facets of this campaign included giving away 10,000 bottles of Big Mac sauce through social media platforms such as twitter and Instagram.
The audience this is trying to reach are tech savvy, social media users who eat out or are in a hurry. This campaign appealed to a younger demographic, around the ages of 16-25, due to the heavy use of social media and the advertisements would appeal to more of an urban teenager.
The problem that McDonald’s is trying to solve is that they are trying to show that there is a Big Mac for everyone. This is the reason for the re-branding of the sandwiches and the main message of the campaign.
This message and demographic makes sense for McDonald’s because their primary users are currently people who are always on the go, students and everyone in between. They have a wide range of people to appeal to so the re-branding was trying to satisfy all of these needs. The online promotions they were doing drew more of their target market.
Success could be measured by how much traffic each tweet or Instagram story gets compared to how many people came and ordered the new sandwich. This can also be gauged by how much people interact with the content.
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Project Archieuthis

By:Madeline Erker

In this campaign for the U.S. Navy, the goal was to show people how many different opportunities that the Navy has to offer, and specifically finding cryptologists to fill the empty spots they had. To do this, they partnered with Lowe Campball Ewald to create a challenging game for its social media outlets.

The brand is trying to reach potential cryptologists and other strategically minded individuals to potentially recruit to work for them. These people are mainly hackers, and encryption specialists. The problem it is trying to solve is that this is a position that is hard to fill because someone can be qualified for the job but not have some innate judgement skills that are needed for the job. This was a way to find individuals and teams that might be successful in these roles but had never thought that the Navy was a place they could use these unique abilities.

This makes sense for the Navy to do because of their unique purpose and audience. The game does not need much reach, it just needs to reach the right group of people and it will spread. Knowing the market helped them create the correct game for the job. They knew if they created something challenging enough, the people they needed would be unable to pass up the challenge.

Success was measured by the fact that they met their recruiting goal for cryptology and gained over 25% more followers on their Facebook page.

(Owned media, Earned media, Cryptology, Navy, Project Archieuthis)

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