Charity water encourages people to start their own campaigns/ big bros and sisters campaign

By: Sam Pensick 1 of 2 blog Posts

Charity water ( encourages their donors/members to start their own campaigns

The brand Charity Water gave power to the employees to create content to connect with their members and donors
to thank them for helping the raise 42 million dollars and help two million people in need. The employees decided to
create content that got the members/donors more involved and passed the responsibility on to them to start their own campaigns and donate it to the September fund in 2016 which was very successful.

Every member that creates their own campaign will reach out to as many as possible to make their own campaign successful, thus extending the charities reach to everyone that person gets to donate. The self campaign participants raised over 1.2 million dollars in September alone which would buy two drilling rigs and bring clean water to 40,000 people in Ethiopia.


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