Coca Cola ‘#colouryoursummer’ and United Nations ‘Sweeper’

By Kayla Dunbar

Coca Cola ‘#colouryoursummer’
What did the brand do? Coke used social media, along with other channels, to involve the consumer with the choice of a new bright color of a coke can. Once the consumer picked the color their liked, a group dressed in that selected color came out of no where and showered the consumer with products with Coke’s logo in that bright color.
Audience? The audience Coke was trying to reach were the younger generation who spends their time online, who enjoy expressing themselves.
Brand’s purpose? This was a valuable campaign because they wanted a campaign that was consumer driven and gives them the opportunity to make the product their own. Coke also used their smaller cans to help with obesity with they said they would do at an earlier time.
Measure of success? Since they had a hashtag, they could track how many times it was used, how many timelines and interactions it had. They could also measure the sales of those smaller cans in the specific cities of Australia (where the campaign took place).
What kind of media? This was owned media because they used it through their own social media accounts. It also said it was an ‘Out Of House’ advertising. Which is because they were out on the street and were physically there.

United Nations ‘Sweeper’

What did the brand do? United Nations created and event to raise awareness for landmines. This event had you download an app that gave you a tour and used many different interaction points (physical, audio, mobile) to print to light the importance of #NoMoreMines

Audience? The audience would be wealthy (people who can make contributions to the efforts) people of New York who don’t quite get the severity of landmines around the world.
Brand purpose? This was a different approach to a fundraiser event, giving the audience a role instead of them sitting around and writing checks. It was a fun way to educate on a difficult subject.
Measure of success? With the use of a hashtag you can see how many impressions there are, but also how much in donations you receive will be a great way to measure the success of the app and event as a whole.
What kind of media? This would be owned media because they created a new app, separate from any other touch point and made it their own.

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