Coca-Cola Mobile & Starbucks Productions

How Coca-Cola uses mobile to link online and offline

By Sydney Suttles

Coca-Cola used mobile to advertise their large, three-day, music/food festival, Essence Festival and the Coke barbecue the night before the event. The did a text-to-win giveaway for the barbecue.

Coca-Cola was reaching the festival-goers who had cell phones. These were probably millennials who enjoy pop culture and new technology.

The audience problem was communication and convenience with the brand which Coca-Cola solved through the text-in giveaway, option to receive brand promotions later, and the in-the-moment prize.

This made sense for Coca-Cola because they are a traditional brand that is evolving. Their strategy has always been to stay true to their original brand but also grow throughout the years to connect with audiences through new channels.

Success was measured by the 3,145 people who texted in for the 500 existing tickets. Plus, one in five opted to receive Coca-Cola promotions after the giveaway.

Tags: paid, earned, owned, Coca-Cola, mobile, Essence Festival, Millennials

Stir Up Your Content With A Strong Owned Media Strategy (Starbucks)

By Sydney Suttles

Starbucks has started its own production company to create content about social issues in America. This bottom-up model will create buzz digitally then prompt consumers to interact with the brand and come into the stores.

They are reaching out to an older demographic by displaying their love for the country, while also engaging millennials through their use of technology and creative development.

The production strategy will add an entertainment aspect to their brand and further their social value. Consumers will see Starbucks as a brand that cares about the country.

Starbucks has already been active in social media and also has a rewards app with some content, so it makes sense for the brand to expand their media to all consumers. They have also had campaigns in the past- Starbucks Red, Serve with Us, Behind the Scenes- that show their care for the country and social responsibility.

Goals can be measured by number of views and click-through rates attached to the productions. The productions will mostly be channel-centric and looking to attract a mass amount of views to the channel and content.

Tags: owned, earned, paid, social responsibility, Starbucks

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