“Greenpeace Trolls Shell” & “Chief Nutella Ambassador”

By Abby Akin


Greenpeace has used their social medias platforms to call out corporations and politicians as well using their owned media to spread the word about their campaigns. With the help of The Yes Man they also created a fake Twitter for Shell that ruined their owned media presence.

By doing this, Greenpeace was trying to reach a new audience, those who supported Shell’s expansion into the Arctic. They wanted to grab the attention of those who were not aware of what would happen, or thought they knew, by creating a fake Twitter account that appeared to be trying to damage control but was really the environmental group. Greenpeace wanted to get people to support their attempts to try and stop Shell and save the environment. They wanted to get their point across to Shell and create some social value for people to support them.

As an environmental group, attacking oil companies is a large part of what they do. As a nonprofit, this sort of participation-led orchestration helped to raise awareness of the issue and created that buzz can lead to more supporters and more donations to keep them around to fight the oil companies.

For Greenpeace, success is measured by making it harder for the groups that they are fighting against. This stunt helped lead to Shell’s deal with Waitrose, a grocery in the UK, halted. This bottom-up marketing started on a different social media but led people to Greenpeace’s own platforms and their campaign calling out the store to cut ties and they ended up 40,000 signatures on their petition.

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In 2015, Nutella, the chocolate hazelnut spread, announced that it would be making the most out of a global fan-driven holiday to show their appreciation. They gave their loyal followers a chance to compete to be the Chief Nutella Ambassador; this person would help them host the 2016 World Nutella Day celebration.

The brand was trying to reach their current customers and lovers of all things Nutella, all qualified applicants would at least receive a free Nutella t-shirt. They wanted to reach customers who were tech savvy and creative, those interested had to submit a video online that demonstrated how they would lead World Nutella Day. By doing this, Nutella gave their fans a real incentive to check out their website, Facebook, Twitter and other owned media platforms. They also gave them a unique opportunity to show their love of the chocolaty spread.

Nutella knows their audience, teenagers all over Twitter and Tumblr are constantly sharing pictures and videos of Nutella and food made with the product, it has gained almost a cult following. Participation-led orchestration helped to drive those fan to Nutella owned media, rather then just sharing things on their own, it helped to increase sales and brand equity in the US.

The number of applicants, but also the increase in sales measured success for this, they started trending and the positive word of mouth (and posts) about them. Fans also felt the love back from the company, which created even more loyal followers.

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