Lost Dogs Home

By: Kourtney Kaisershot

The Lost Dogs Home shelter in Australia created the “Human Walking Program” where dogs walked humans in the park. They brought the dogs to the parks in the Central Business District and let them take anxious office workers for a lunchtime walk.

They were targeting lonely, inner-city office workers who work late in cubicles.

Their goal was to change the perception of shelters being a sad place for sad dogs. It provided a service for humans that were in sad jobs to make them happier by letting dogs walk the human and make their day better.

The brand purpose was to find the dogs a proper home and make the lives of people better.

Success was measured by how many views their video got and how many more dogs were adopted throughout the year. Also, they created a website that explained how they did what they did which was used by other shelters around the world.

(owned, earned, nonprofit, dogs, shelters)

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