Owned Media Posts

Nutella: 2015 World Nutella Day

By Nicole Harvey

Nutella took over World Nutella Day from the original founder to make it a more notable event. They wanted to create a participation-led orchestration to get consumers excited about the holiday. It added value to its customers by creating an entertaining way to support their favorite brand, while also using incentives to get its customers engaged. Its goal was to turn average fans of Nutella into ambassadors, as well as, drive awareness, buzz and conversation around World Nutella Day. They also wanted to build long term brand equity. It made sense for them to advocate for World Nutella Day because their fans are strongly focused on Millennials. Their insights also revealed that the Millennials interested in Nutella are focused on self-appearance, achievement, and recognition. They also want to feel that they are a contributor or producer and not just a customer. To achieve success Nutella created an owned microsite that consumers could take a quiz to find out what Nutella personality they had, and then upload a video in response to a question about their personality. They then picked five finalists to develop their own campaign as to why they should win the contest and become the Nutella World Day Ambassador. To contribute to each contestant’s campaign Nutella provided them with personalized merchandise (owned media) to use on their social media. They were able to measure success through social media impressions, mentions, video news, as well as ambassador submissions. In the end, Nutella received over 300 submissions and the campaign reached 14.9 million engagements.

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LifeBeat: Know your status stage

By Nicole Harvey

LifeBeat is a nonprofit that provides HIV/AIDS education and support services to America’s youth by working with the music industry. LifeBeat’s specific audience for their KYSS campaign was New York City youth that ranged in age from 13-24 and had never been tested for HIV.

They have the world at their fingertips with the use of technology, but they also need and want real world experiences. These Millennials care about what they do. Lifebeat is trying to provide a service with this campaign by requiring HIV testing to get into their concert. It also adds social value because the audience wants their peers to see through social media that they experience amazing things. In addition, it adds convenience through their pop-up testing centers and their tests that provide results within 60 seconds. A simple request to enjoy the entertainment experience of a concert. The brand’s purpose was to educate youth in NYC about the importance of getting tested for HIV and the high risk that is involved if they aren’t. There were multiple insights that led to this idea: teens are starting to become sexually active within that age group, many teens don’t use a condom when they have sex, and there is very little knowledge about HIV/AIDs but a high percentage that they may contract the disease. However, the most important insight was that this audience is in fear of missing out. Two things that they wanted to track was how many people took the test, as well as how many are being tested for the first time. These factors were measured by keeping a record of the number of tests that were given, and a short survey was conducted before people were tested. To gain awareness for this event LifeBeat used their homepage as well as their social media platforms (Facebook/Twitter) to build awareness. There were also owned touch points along the way including pop-up testing centers.

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