Puppy Love Owned Media Campaign

By Taylor Randol

Social Tee’s is an animal rescue shelter in New York who created a recruitment model digital campaign where they showed they were putting their dogs on Tinder, and users in the area could swipe to match with the dog to hopefully find him/her a good home.

The non-profit was trying to reach NYC’s active Tinder users, who wouldn’t shy away from adopting and loving a dog.

It is a humorous way to provide a convenience service to the apps possible pet owners. The campaign was trying to help the dogs find loving homes, also bringing the person happiness. Even if none were adopted at the time of the campaign, it brought attention to their shelter bettering their future.

It makes total sense for the shelter, they want to find the dogs loving homes so they played on many people’s platform for finding love, Tinder. The audience is typically young adult, perfect age to look into adopting a pet.

Success could be measured directly by the number of matches they got within the app and ultimately how many dogs were then adopted.

#OwnedMedia #Nonprofit #Tinder #Dogs #AnimalAdoption

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