Red Bull, Red Cross

Seth Bledsoe

Red Bull “Can You Make It”,

What: Red Bull had a good idea that was more of a ground up approach, by sending hundreds of students into Europe with only Red Bull as currency. They had to get to an ending point but it become more about the adventure than the ending.

Who: Red Bull was targeting the younger generation that, as most young people are, fascinated with adventurous traveling. It kept up with the campaign on their social media and website.

Problem: Red Bull likes to provide entertainment to their consumers, for them it’s about selling the brand more than the product. It was also a very unique contest/activity to have people apply to participate.

Why: This follows along with Red Bull’s other campaigns, it was an adventurous and youthful experience with the brand and product both being advertised heavily the whole time. Their audience is really used to this level of creativity from Red Bull so they are always happy when they release something else for their fans to participate in.

Success: It became successful because it drove more than a million people to the website dedicated to “Can you make it”. They also gave away over 16,000 cans of Red Bull through the trip, just further their advertising in Europe, a really cool experience overall.

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Red Cross “Blood App”

What: Red Cross wanted to get in the world of mobile and get a little more modern participation for their organization. They made an App that would track donations, turned donating into a little contest, and gave rewards for donating.

Who: Red Cross was targeting their loyal donors, by allowing them to invite their friends to their donation circle and making it easy to set up donations. They were hoping that they could use their “inner circle” to bring more people to donate.

Problem: Red Cross is trying to provide a service and some incentives with the app. First it makes using the Red Cross more organized and easy and second you can get rewards and discounts with partners of Red Cross.

Why: The brand saw they did not have a good mobile platform and with the world moving so fast towards mobile it was time to get with the program in a way that would complement their service. It is a lot easy than having them call you every couple of weeks and putting up fliers and hoping you will see one.

Success: It was successful in the sense that they now have a rewarding app that many of their donors can use. They also set a record of most app downloads in a circle which is a cool extra fact.

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