Snickers “Hungerithm” Owned Media Campaign

By Taylor Randol

Snickers ran a ‘’Hungerithm’’ bottom-up model campaign that measured the Twitter community’s mood. When Twitter users became heated about something happening in the world, the price of a Snickers bar went down.

I think the brand was trying to reach active Twitter users, more likely than not, everyone has an opinion and that’s who they were tapping in to.

The brand is trying to bring everyone together in a sense, saying we know, we get it, but here’s a little something good coming out of your upset emotions from this negative time. There is a unique social value that this campaign is bringing to customers.

It makes sense for Snickers to play off peoples emotions especially right now with so many heated and controversial topics being magnified. Snickers has always had a playful and strong relationship with it’s audience especially due to it’s creative campaigns.

Snickers could measure it’s success in sales of the candy bar, and interaction/feedback to the campaign.

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