Tostitos – Party Safe Bag. charity : water – Thank you’s

By: Monica Zurek

Tostitos’ is using their own bags to advertise. They are making limited “Party Safe Bags” that are coming out for the Super Bowl. These bags have a sensor connected to the microcontroller that can detect and small ounce of alcohol. The LED’s on the bag will form a steering wheel with an Uber code to promote not drinking and driving.

Tostitos is reaching young adults who will be celebrating for the Super Bowl and consuming alcohol during it.

The audience problem it is trying to solve is drinking and driving. It adds value to the consumers and others on the rode because it will keep people safe from not driving drunk and others on the road from preventing them to be in an accident.

This made sense for Tostitos because the brand is a well-known snack brand used for celebrations especially during the Super Bowl. They advertise with different recipes to make for the Super Bowl, so this censored bag aligns with what they advertise already.

Success will be measured by the amount of sales they make for the bags during the limited time they are out for sale.

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Charity: water is creating videos to thank their supporters. They have gave the freedom to be creative and publish content that connects to their supporters. Through these videos and connections they encourage people to start their own campaigns.

Charity: Water is reaching their current supporters/donators.

The value it adds to the customers is the appreciation that those of charity: water have as well as those who are receiving clean water.

The brand purpose was to take something that has been done a lot and do it in a different way that will last longer and impact their supporters more by letting them know just how much their donations mean.

It makes sense for charity: water to do this because their organization is based off donations and they thank people every day for their help so taking something as small as thanking their supporters and making in bigger and more meaningful reassures them that they are making a difference. Which, hopefully in the end influences them to keep donating and supporting this nonprofit.

They can measure their success by how many supporters donate multiple times after seeing the thank you videos and how many others participate in making their own campaigns. They could also measure success by looking at the growth in donations coming in.

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