truth: Left Swipe Dat

By Hannah Paxton

Truth, the non-profit brand that promotes an anti-smoking sentiment with youth culture, broke through increasing clutter by creating a music video called “Left Swipe Dat” with social media influencers. Truth used a top-down OEP model by premiering the video at the Grammys, then housing the video on their owned YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter channels as well as the VEVO channels for the influencers in the video.

As Millennials age, truth needed to target Generation Z. Through heavy research and testing, truth found that music was the most engaging and sharable form of content within their target audience.

Truth needed to add entertainment value and authenticity to their content to reach this crowd. The stars used in the video resonated as some of the most influential and genuine people with 13-18 year old Americans.

Truth doesn’t just want people to know that smoking is bad for them; their purpose is to show that it can ruin your reputation, which is incredibly pertinent in a younger crowd. Generation Z has the emotional desire to appear attractive and popular on social platforms, and truth created a way for their audience to watch people they trust “left swipe,” or reject, someone on a dating app just because they were smoking.

#LeftSwipeDat became a Worldwide Trending Twitter Topic twice and crushed all previous truth campaign mentions. The video was viewed over 50 million combined times on all owned platforms and showed positive changes in key performance indicators, such as campaign recall.

(Owned Media, Entertainment, Music Video, truth, Grammys, Left Swipe Dat, Generation Z, anti-smoking, influencers, social media)

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