Tweet-a-Meet: The brilliant way Qatar Airways gained an online presence

By Kathryn Bauer


Qatar Airways decided to create Tweet-a-Meet, a contest on twitter where people, specifically Singaporeans, could win tickets to various places by talking about their travels. Qatar Airways decided to initiate this contest on its owned social media platforms because it felt that it was distanced from its travelers because it didn’t have much of a presence among online conversations. This campaign can be seen as participation-led orchestration because of its objective to create a conversation between Qatar and its audiences.


Qatar Airways was trying to reach and better connect with its consumers, specifically Singaporeans, who already traveled with them, although after the contest began, the campaign had participants from 157 other countries. Qatar Airways chose Singapore because of its multicultural market.


As more and more people shop online when booking trips, Qatar Airways knew that they needed to increase their presence online in order to stay relevant among their competition and achieve top-of-mind awareness. By starting this twitter campaign where its travelers could talk about their travels, and share little-known facts to the places Qatar offered to fly them, Qatar hoped to provide a unique or social value for its travelers—it wanted to connect with them in a fun way while providing an incentive for talking about the brand.


The campaign was initiated via Twitter where travelers could talk about their travels, and share interesting facts about the countries Qatar was offering to fly people, while using the tag #TTOT (Travel Talk on Twitter). People were told to pair up with a partner, and whichever pair had the most tweets, would win.

Why it makes sense for that brand to do- the brand purpose and audience insight

This campaign was a brilliant way for Qatar Airways to connect with its audience. By noticing the trend that more people were planning their trips online, and initiating the campaign via their owned media channels to stir up earned media, Qatar Airways capitalized on a great opportunity of going where their consumers are, and getting them involved with encouraging them to do what they loved (talk about travel) with the incentive of being able to do more of what they love (travel with free tickets).

How measure success?

Qatar Airways tracked the success of this campaign by monitoring the increase in followers, increase in online conversations, and its increase in sales to see if their online presence increased, as well as their brand equity.

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