DHL: Trojan Mailing

By Zach Hastreiter:
In Germany DHL has more company locations and drivers than any delivery service in the country. DHL let their competition work as an advertisement. The other delivery companies such as UPS, TNT and DPD advertised DHL, without even knowing, by carrying parcels that included DHL’s message. Just the way the Trojans did it back in the day. Parcels with thermo active foil sent the message, DHL IS FASTER. DHL had cameras set up and they recorded reactions by pedestrians.

DHL reached out to online shoppers because they proved that they are faster than the other companies. While also posting these hilarious videos on their YouTube channel. They trended on Twitter because of the videos too.

The audience is trying to solve logistics and the service of online shopping. Convenience is everything in the technology world. The purpose is to reach out and tell the audience that DHL is the fastest of all the companies that deliver.

This campaign was a big success because it reached out to viewers online. It was trending on Twitter and YouTube heavily.

The type of media that was presented was all three. Owned because of the social media networks. Earned because they got trending on social media. Paid because they had to send the parcels out and record video of the message being sent.

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