By: Maddie Sanders

Recently, Chipotle created a short game that has a prize of free chips and guac (with the purchase of a burrito bowl of course) if you win the game. Basically, it’s a game of whack-a-mole but with guacamole ingredients instead of moles, and if you’re able to tap enough ingredients before time runs out, you win some free guac!

I think after Chipotle’s latest scandal they are really trying to get former customers back into their stores and this is a great way to do so. Everyone loves free stuff, especially free food. I also think their main target market besides already loyal customers, would probably be college and high school students who already play apps and games on their phone.

By creating their own game, they are creating entertainment for their customers and it allows you to share with your friends and get them involved and win free guac as well. Chipotle is also probably trying to get back on track after the outbreak and offering free stuff is a great incentive to pull customers in.

Chipotle’s brand promise, or mission statement is, “Food with integrity.” I think this statement goes hand in hand with the game that they created because it shows you all of the fresh ingredients that they use to create their amazing guacamole, and the customer can assume that they use the same fresh ingredients in all of their entrées.

Their success with their game could simply be measured on how many chips and guac they give away for free for the duration of this campaign. Customers have to scan a bar code from the game to prove they’ve won so the company cold track sales that way.

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