Life Beat Spreads Awareness, #500

LifeBeat Spreads Awareness

By: Alison Dorn

LifeBeat knows that the testing rate for HIV was extremely low and people are unaware of the need to be tested. The brand is trying to reach the younger generation because no one thinks of being tested anymore because it is not a current issue people are thinking about now like they did back when Magic Johnson was diagnosed. LifeBeat decided to use incentives to get people to get tested, HIV testing centers were set up around New York City and when people were tested they received a concert ticket. The owned media they used was billboards, print and posters and branded testing sites to advertise. They also used social media to spread the awareness. It made sense for LifeBeat to do this because they wanted a younger audience to get tested and most of the time it’s the younger audience that will attend concerts, they’ll want to get tested for a free ticket, it’s simple. Also, they will be spreading the message to friends to get tested so they will get a free ticket as well. The goal was to get 167 young people to visit the testing centers and they ended up tripling their goal. It was easy to count the success because it is literally just a head count of who decided to show up. Overall, it was a great success because they spread awareness about HIV by making it fun for youth who now are aware of how important being tested is.

(HIV, Owned Media, Concert)


By: Alison Dorn

Fans of NASCAR love racing but some seem to only pay attention at the beginning and end of each race. NASCAR launched an online campaign called The Hashtag 500 Ready, Set, Race as an incentive for fans to watch throughout the whole race. They were focused on the audience they already had and were trying to keep them more engaged in the race. During the race NASCAR would tell people to tweet a certain hashtag to win prices that had to do with the race, fans went crazy, it was a success. It makes sense for NASCAR to do this contest because fans want the items they were giving away, such as signed flags and even tires, so they’ll have to watch the whole game to try and win this. They used the social media platform Twitter to see the tweets with the hashtags on them, they do not own Twitter but they did own the campaign and the hashtag they were using. This campaign gave the most social media engagement ever seen during as NASCAR race, generated more than 100,000 tweets and their follower count grew by over 100,000 fans in one week, this is how they measured and considered Hashtag 500 Ready, Set, Race as a success.

(NASCAR, Hashtag, Owned Media)

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