NASA and Deadpool Owned media

By Matt Rehn

NASA”s #AYearInSpace

Nasa sent an astronaut into space for a year to see what the effects of prolonged space travel could have on the human body. While taking his journey astronaut Scott Kelly constantly used social media forums like Twitter and SnapChat to keep the world informed on how his trip was going. This ended up taking off for NASA and ended up reaching a whole new demographic of young people who are always looking for the next cool thing to follow on social media. I think the audience problem the campaign was centered on was the young people don’t go out and seek out information about an astronaut in space so NASA brought the content to them. It made sense for NASA because they want to drum up interest in a younger crowd about the space program. The campaign was a success because a number of followers on NASA/s social media pages skyrocketed over the duration of the trip.

{Owned Media, NASA, AYearInSpace}

Deadpool Movie

The movie Deadpool that came out last year used some of the best-owned media campaigns that I have seen by using teasers trailer, Obnoxious billboards to grab people’s attention, created custom emojis and even created a fake twitter feud for fans to follow with another marvel character Wolverine.The brand was just trying to reach a younger demographic that loves being engaged in social media by seeing the newest trailers and content for movies. The brand was trying to drum up as much publicity for the movie that they could and they succeeded by earning a lot of earned media by retweets and shares.

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