Salvation Army 360 Video and Skittles Touch Video

Cole Scott

Blog Post #1

Salvation Army 360 Photo (Facebook)

1. Salvation army posts 360 degree facebook Christmas picture of families that look “happy”. As you do a 360 of the interactive photo you see their home, and how they are impoverished.

2. This is supposed to reach audiences who may take the holidays and being with their families for granted. This makes you want to donate gifts to Salvation Army to help out.

3. The audience problem this is trying to solve is the ignorance of families that may not be able to afford Christmas presents for their family members. This adds an interactive aspect to the Ad. Makes families want to help those in need.

4. This makes sense for this brand to do this ad because it was around the holiday time and they are a company that takes in donations to help impoverished people.

(Owned Media, Charity, Facebook)

Skittles Double Interactive Ads (Youtube)

1. Skittles does an ad where you put your finger where the skittle is on the screen and it makes it look like you are interacting with whatever is going on, on the screen. This is a pretty funny ad.

2. This ad is supposed to reach audiences that spend a lot of time watching youtube videos and have to watch Youtube advertisments.

3. This Ad is very unique as to other Youtube ad’s because it is interactive. Most people just skip the ad, but this offers a sense of entertainment and humor so that you don’t get irritated that its “just another ad”.

4. The ad makes sense for Skittles to do because their ads are typically very funny. This advertisement adds to the humor and is very interactive.

5. Success could be measured through tracking how many individuals actually watched the whole ad rather than skipping to the video they are trying to watch.

(Owned Media, Entertainment, Humor, Youtube)

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