Starbucks dips into owned media & Coca-Cola does social media right

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Starbucks dips into owned media

By:Megan Bangart

Starbucks is going to be making their own videos addressing social consciousness in America. Starbucks has no problem promoting books, CD’s, and other things that the believe in, this time the company will be using their name directly to address these issues. I think that through this Starbucks is trying to reach a new target audience. They know that their loyal customers are going to watch these videos and most likely support the cause, but by attaching their name to these videos on social consciousness i think they are looking attract new consumers. These videos will bring the audience convenience, it is a way for them to get the information that Starbucks is trying to promote without having to really go out and look for it. It is also a unique experience for the audience, they are learning about these issues in a different setting. It makes sense for Starbucks to do this because they have already showed interest in social consciousness through other people’s work. They are just taking the next step and using their platform to form their own content. Success will be measured by the new customers they gain, the amount of times these videos are shared, and the views on them. Starbucks has done a lot of media planning for this project. They have had to come up with the platform, the software, the content and everything in between for this to be successful.

(Owned, earned, social responsibility, Starbucks)

Coca-Cola does social media right

By:Megan Bangart

Coca-Cola created the Move to the Beat campaign for the 2012 London Olympics. In this campaign the company created a 60-minute documentary, webisodes and mobisodes, and an app called Beat maker that allowed customer s to create their own beats and upload them to the Facebook site as ringtones. Because this was done during the olympics, it reached over 10 countries. I think the company, Coca-Cola, was trying to reach everyone. They used platforms that would reach a wide variety of audiences. I think Coca-Cola was trying to give the audience social value through this campaign. The consumers were able to upload their content to the internet, talk about and watch the episodes and feel like they were connecting with others around the world. It makes sense for Coca-Cola to do this because many of their campaigns are based around culture and they are a wildly known company around the world. Coca-Cola understood strategy very well in this campaign. They knew what they had to do to reach people around the world, and how to reach them effectively.

(Owned, Earned, Social responsibility, Coca-Cola)

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