Teva: Original adventure

By Zach Hastreiter

Teva Sandals needed to make their sandals a trend setter again. The sandals in the 90s were once the hot thing to have, but ever since it lost it’s vibe. Teva knew they had to connect with the Millennials. Teva wanted the Millennials to start a new fashion trend by making Teva into a lifestyle brand. Millennials posted their own style with the Teva sandals on social media platforms such as Instagram. It became an instant hit once Millennials started reinventing their own style with Teva.

The audience is solving a social problem by reinventing the brand and making it into a lifestyle brand. They added social value by wearing Teva’s to music festivals such as Bonaroo. Music Festivals are as fashion trendy as it gets. It makes sense for Teva to start the lifestyle brand because they want it to be the Millennials brand. When it was hot in the 90s, they made it out to be an outdoors type of sandal. Teva wanted to get away from that and connect the brand with Millennials because they set the trends in the fashion world.

Teva gained a lot of social media followers and posts related to what they wanted. A lot of personalities connected with the brand and sales increased by more than what the company expected.

Social Media is owned media, however letting Millennial consumers reinvent the brand is earned media.

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