Water Is Life and Make-A-Wish

Water is Life # FirstWorldProblems

By: Rachel Quint

Water is life is a nonprofit brand that is seeks to raise awareness about the positive benefits of having clean water in communities. They used owned media, specifically owned social media, to create a campaign by repurposing the trending hashtag #FirstWorldProblems to spread an impactful message. The hashtag represents the great difference between problems in the developed world, and in the developing world. They made a video that used the technique of jarring juxtaposition to address the problem of lack of awareness about serious problems occurring in the developing world. The brand was targeting people who use or have seen the hashtag, people who use social media. This helped them to directly connect with the message. The success of this campaign was shown by achieving over 6 million views of the video, and over a million days’ worth of clean water becoming accessible to those in need. This is an example of the ‘recruitment’ model because it depended on the engagement of the audience to watch and share the video and hashtag to spread the message. The value this campaign adds to consumers is of social value, making them aware that they have the opportunity to donate, contribute, and help.

Tags: Owned Media, Water Is Life, Nonprofit, Social Media

Here is a link to the article: http://brogan.com/blog/effective-nonprofit-social-media-marketing-campaign-example-10-water-life

Share Your Ears

By: Rachel Quint

Make-A-Wish is a nonprofit organization that helps to bring wished to children with life-threatening medical conditions. Make-A-Wish used owned media to create a campaign to further their mission. They partnered with Disney and invited people to share to Twitter and Instagram pictures of them with Mickey Mouse ears with the hashtag #ShareYourEars. With each post on social media Walt Disney Parks and Resorts donated five dollars to Make-A-Wish. It makes sense for the brand to do brand purpose and audience insight, because this helped them to have their audience feel connected to the children who benefit from Make-A-Wish. The idea of partnering with Disney is brilliant because Disney is about making dreams come true, and that is exactly the mission of Make-A-Wish. The audience that the brand is trying to reach is anyone who goes on social media and has some form of Mickey Mouse ears, such a families with children who would be empathetic towards other children. The value that this adds to the consumer is one of social value because they feel good by contributing to make something good happen, and it is also one of entertainment as they get to take and share fun photos of themselves with Mickey Mouse ears. This is an example of a ‘recruitment’ model because it relied on the help of the audience to post images for the donations. The success of this campaign is visible in the fact that it became a trending topic on Facebook, and Disney Parks doubled their original donation and ended up donating two million dollars to Make-A-Wish. Which was a great strategic PR move on Disney’s part.

Tags: Owned Media, Nonprofit, Make-A-Wish, Social Media, Disney

Here is the link to the article: http://www.tintup.com/blog/the-best-social-media-campaigns-of-2016-so-far/

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